About Beijing

If Shanghai is the economic epicentre of China then Beijing is surely the cultural epicentre. The Forbidden City, The Great Wall, Tiananmen Square – practically all the famous attractions you can name from China reside here. No doubt Beijing has grown to be a megacity with its countless high rises and shopping centres in the last twenty years but it still manages to retain many of its unique cultural identities such as the labyrinth of Hutongs and tranquil temples. The ever expanding subway system also makes it an easy city to visit and get around.

Why do an internship in Beijing?

If you are wanting to grasp the nuances of the rapidly growing importance, economically and politically, of China then Beijing offers opportunities in most sectors but particularly finance, marketing, IT, manufacturing, commodities, energy, tourism and hospitality.

Beijing is among the fastest developing cities in the world and China’s third largest city. It has a strong international flavour with many of the world’s leading companies having a presence in the dynamic city.

Note: Internships in Beijing will be available shortly. If you are interested in a position in Beijing please inform us and we will endeavour to assist.