Why Us?

We know good internships will give students a clear advantage to their careers, but the right internship that suits is not easy to find and the wrong result may be a disappointing role with an average company. This is where Globalink Internships comes in. We have experience in living and working across multiple markets in Asia, current knowledge and frequent engagement to the markets. Our focus is and will always be on quality offerings and services. For example, we put in place pastoral care for safety and wellbeing, and assistance in settling into a new country, especially important for the students who may not have been overseas previously. We endeavour to connect them to other businesses and networks during their internship period. We can also help tailor programmes for individuals or groups to suit their needs.

In Summary

  • We are a boutique company offering a personalised experience.
  • We specialise in longer term placements, generally 3 months plus.
  • We will work with you to understand your needs and objectives.
  • We identify and engage with reliable and reputable host companies throughout Asia to secure well defined and meaningful internship roles for our clients.
  • We align these roles and companies with our clients’ backgrounds, study and future aspirations.
  • We provide additional professional and personal growth mentoring and support to interns during their placement.
  • We ensure students are fully briefed and prepared for their internship experience prior to departure.
  • Our companies are leaders in their respective industries and include multinationals, large local companies, SMEs, and foreign companies with an established presence in their location.
  • All our companies provide a safe and secure working environment, are committed to supporting the goals of the intern and are inclusive in their engagement with us and applicants.
  • We have established in-market representatives including both expatriates and locals who are operating successful businesses in their respective markets. They have strong connections within their business and learning communities and long-term industry experience throughout the Asian region, coupled with local knowledge and understanding. We are confident the in-market support and services we offer to interns will enhance your experience.
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