Acceptance Fee

If, after submitting an application form and following an initial consultation to determine suitability we agree to identify an internship placement, applicants will be required to pay an acceptance fee to secure their place on the programme.

The acceptance fee is USD 300.

Programme Fees

After receiving a confirmed offer applicants will be required to pay 50% of the programme fee (less the acceptance fee) within 7 days and the remaining 50% at least 21 days prior to departing for the internship. We take payment online or via bank transfer.

All programme fees are stated in USD and include the acceptance fee.

What the programme fee covers:

What the programme fee excludes:

For full details on the above please refer to the individual destination pages where we list out specifics around each offering.

Making Payments

In addition to USD we can accept payment of acceptance fees and programme fees in NZD/AUD/GBP/EUR, and will provide a final quote for these currencies during your consultation with us.

You can pay your acceptance fee and programme fee in USD, NZD, GBP, EUR or AUD through our secure payment gateway on our page or by direct bank transfer (instructions provided separately).