Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are our most frequently asked questions, separated by category. This information should be read in conjunction with the rest of our website, however, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us for more information. 


We identify and engage with reliable and reputable host companies throughout Asia to secure well defined and meaningful internship roles for our clients. We aim to align these roles and companies with your background, study, and future aspirations.

Our companies are often leaders in their respective industries and include multinationals, large local companies, SMEs, and foreign companies with an established presence in their location.

All our companies provide a safe and secure working environment, are committed to supporting the goals of the intern and are inclusive in their engagement with us and applicants.

Our internships can essentially start anytime although individual host companies may have a more set schedule of when they are able to take on an intern – if so this will be indicated at the outset. Please contact us if you have a destination in mind and we can give you a better idea on timing.

We offer two and three month internships, however we can also work with you if you require a slightly shorter internship or somewhere in between e.g. 10 weeks.

The work will vary a lot depending on the nature of your role so it is hard to say with any certainty. What we expect is that an intern will assist and work under the guidance of professionals at your host company. They will support you and act as mentors which ultimately should enhance the overall outcome for you.

We endeavour to provide a placement for all applicants. However, there may be unexpected issues that come up with visa applications and destinations or host company positions that are over-subscribed. We are committed to always attempting to work out a solution to enable an internship to take place.

We offer internships across a range of sectors including but not limited to  Technology/Digital, Business and Creative/Design. Let us know your interest in a particular sector or field and we are happy to work with to find something that  suits your needs and objectives.


Anyone who is 18 and older can apply from anywhere in the world. You can be a student, a recent graduate or someone in their mid-career who wants to have a new experience.

First, fill in the application form here. We will then get in touch to discuss your application and if necessary seek more detailed information from you. Our How it Works page will provide you with a more detailed explanation of the process.

We will be in contact once an application/enquiry is submitted then will work out your individual requirements and destination details. From there we identify and consult with a potential host company who may request a phone interview before final approval is given. Further information on our step by step process can be found here.

A little depends on the destination country and whether the host company is one we have already identified or if we need to locate one for you. We recommend you allow at least a minimum of 4-8 weeks plus some extra time for any visa issues/applications to be completed; however, ideally you will start your application much sooner.

No, you don’t. We do however require a standard level of English because all the host companies will be conducting their work in some level of English.

You should apply as early as possible (ideally not less than three months out) to allow sufficient time for us to find you a host company (if the internship opportunity you are seeking is not already listed on our website) and all that goes with that. You also need to allow plenty of time to book flights and apply for a visa etc. If you are unsure whether you have allowed enough time contact us to discuss your situation. If the internship opportunity is listed on our website you should indicate your interest as soon as possible so you do not miss out on being considered for the position.

Unless otherwise specified we do not have deadlines for applications. You can apply at any time.

This will be something that we need to discuss and agree with your host company. While we will do our best to accommodate genuine requests for changes, in some situations this may not be possible.

Yes. In some instances we may be able identify a host company that can take more than one intern at a time. Alternatively it may be a case of arranging different host companies in the same location so that friends can be in the same city at the same time but not necessarily at the same host company. This can also enable the sharing of accommodation.

When you have advised us of the destination and industry you would like to be placed in and we then find a host company you will be required to pay the acceptance fee, then we will be able to release the details of the host company. If you are responding to an existing internship opportunity on our website and we advise that you are being considered for the position you will then need to pay the acceptance fee. After that we will release the host company name and continue processing your application.

You will need to speak to your college/university regarding this.


No, this is not included. What type of visa, hence what sort of fee, will depend on the destination and your current passport.

Yes, you do. The visa application process is dependent on the destination and your current passport. We can, however, assist with guidance and documentation for the application if necessary. For instance, for some locations we will provide you with an invitation letter from your host organisation that you submit along with your visa application.

That again is dependent on the country involved, the requirements and processing time of the Embassy/Consulate where you are submitting the application and your current passport. Please check the visa policy for the country you are going to and work in this application time to your overall timeline. It is prudent to start this process as early as possible. We will provide some further guidance on this during the application phase.

This will vary depending on the country and duration of your internship. We will provide some further guidance on this during the application phase.

You will legally be able to undertake an internship, however, in most instances it will need to be an unpaid position to satisfy visa requirements but ultimately it will depend on the precise visa you obtain.

Fees and Payment

You should view our fees page here or the individual destination page on our website for the city you wish to go to, to see what is included as part of the fee.

No they are not. You will need to work out this cost from your origin to the destination. Comprehensive health and travel insurance is mandatory for our internships and we will require proof by way of a copy of the appropriate documentation that this is in place before you depart for your internship.

Please see our fees page here. You have a choice of either paying online or by bank transfer. We are able to accept multiple currencies.

Ultimately the person undertaking the internship must meet the programme cost. However that could involve self funding, enlisting the support of family and/or identifying and successfully securing a grant or scholarship. We believe you will find one of our internships a worthwhile investment towards your professional and personal development. Applying through Globalink Internships means we will take away the hassles and find the best placement through our extensive connections that will provide you with a rewarding work and cultural experience to propel you forward towards your chosen career.

We have listed some suggestions that you can investigate here. This list is by no means exhaustive.

In some cases you may be eligible for scholarships or grants from your university if you are still studying. You will have to check with your university.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for the details.


Once you have submitted an application and indicated your preference of industry and destination or host company if one is listed, we will be in touch to confirm details. Depending on your background and experience, it may be necessary to have some flexibility depending on the location and placements that are available.

After we receive your application we will discuss it with the potential host company. Once they express interest in you we will inform you and advise the next steps, which may include a brief Skype interview with the company.

No. These are the ones immediately available but we are always working on finding new roles. Please contact us directly and we will work with you to find a role that suits your interest and objectives.

Certainly, if we have organised other interns to be in the same city at the same time we will try to let you know. If that is the case, it is possible they may even be staying in the same accommodation as you.

Where a host company is listed on our website you will be able to identify your interest in the position. Where we look for other host companies you will still be given the opportunity to indicate your interest. Provided you have supplied all the necessary information we will endeavour to closely match your interests and objectives.

This hopefully will not become an issue as we will work with you and the host company during the application process to carefully determine each side’s objectives so that we achieve an appropriate match. However if there is an issue we will work with you to look at any possible options.

In general no however it is possible a host company may offer you permanent employment. This is a matter between you and the host company. We are not involved beyond your internship.

In most cases no however we will confirm if there is any opportunity for a salary during the application process. Visa regulations are often what dictates whether a salary can be provided or not. However, if there is no salary in many instances there may be an opportunity to receive a small allowance to cover some in country expenses – this will also be discussed during the application process.


The flights can be booked as soon as a placement comes through and start dates are set. Some countries may need flights booked before the visa application process takes place, so please factor in this extra timing.

You will need to purchase comprehensive travel and medical insurance that will cover you for the duration of your internship. You must also send us a copy, prior to departing for your internship, of your receipt confirming you have purchased the insurance or you will not be able to commence your internship.

Please check with your medical professional regarding any health concerns and to obtain the latest information regarding your destination. They will be better advised on what is necessary or recommended. In some cases, your travel/health insurance provider may require a set of vaccinations before departure. We recommend taking some basic medication that you are familiar with and may need.

We recommend you also review the health information for travellers on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website (see ‘For Travellers’).

This is dependent on the destination, the season(s) that you will encounter during your internship and what level of comfort you desire. Our pre-departure pack which we will provide once you have been allocated a host company will help answer some of this question.

In most cases you will be picked up. There may be some airports which are far from the city and you may be met at the other end of the airport transport into the city. We will provide clear instructions for those destinations.

Check banks and rates in your home country and decide if you want to exchange money before departure or upon arrival. It’s always a good idea to have some foreign currency beforehand in case you don’t find a foreign exchange outlet when you arrive. Also investigate options such as foreign currency bank cards that enable you to deposit cash into and use ATMs at your destination.

On Location

Normally we will arrange an airport pick-up for you. Our in-market representative will then show you to your accommodation and on your first day of work accompany you to your host company. You will receive a SIM card, where relevant a public transport card and a welcome pack. During your first week we will give you a ‘familiarisation tour’ of your local surroundings to help you settle in etc.

Yes, but you will need to take into account the duration of your entire stay and your visa expiry date. You may also face additional accommodation costs.

This very much depends on the location of your internship. The options are usually either a shared house or apartment depending on the location. Our website shows some indicative examples of the type of accommodation you will be placed in. From time to time your accommodation may differ slightly, for instance, due to availability and/or location of your host company etc. but this will be outlined to you during the application process.

Yes, this will be arranged although in consultation with you along the way to ensure your requirements and preferences are met. In some instances a bond may be required but we will discuss that in advance. Also if you find there are any problems with your accommodation during your internship you can discuss that with us and we can see what alternatives might be feasible. You may be required to sign up for the recommended accommodation option for a minimum of one month at a time.

Please discuss this with us. We will work with you to provide a revised programme fee that takes this in to account.

This will be a matter for you to discuss with your host company. Generally we would anticipate you will work from Monday to Friday, however,  there may be instances where you must sometimes work over the weekend and have days off during the work week. For example, if you are working for a hospitality-related organisation.

Talk to us and/or your host company. We will see what we can do to resolve the matter.

We cannot confirm that at this time as it depends on the host companies requirements. You are more likely than not to be the only intern, however, in some instances there could be more than one intern at a time.

For internships in China we have arranged part time language classes (3-4 hours/week) for you as part of your package. For other locations you are able to attend language classes but this will involve an extra charge outside of the internship programme.

The standard of medical facility and care vary considerably depending on the country. However all locations should have some international level facilities. It is compulsory for all interns to have purchased comprehensive medical and travel insurance prior to departing for their internship. Generally this will mean you can have access to appropriate facilities and medical professionals.

Our advice is to be vigilant and cautious at all times although all of our internship destinations are well-traveled cities and deemed to be some of the safest spots in Asia. We will provide more details during the pre-departure phase on what to do if there is a problem. Our in-market representatives are also available to provide advice in the unlikely event of an emergency.

You may wish to do some travelling in the region or you may for instance need to return to your home country to complete your university courses or rejoin your employer. Really it is entirely up to you. However keep in mind the expiry date of your visa.

Yes, at your own expense, but it will depend on when your visa expires.

This is something you should discuss with your host company.

If you are applying for one of our internship positions we also recommend you review our Terms & Conditions.