About Chengdu

Besides being the research base for Giant Panda breeding, Chengdu, a city with a population of 14.4 million, has enjoyed growth at the speed of light – achieving GDP growth of 70% from 2012-2017. Part of its success is due to it being a huge consumer market, but there is also the abundance of scientific and technological talent and it being a picturesque and enjoyable city to live in. The city announced it will concentrate its focus on six major areas – digital, green, creative, mobile, intelligence and shared, and also introduced a series of measures to attract foreign investment.

Why do an internship in Chengdu?

The city is now a confident “Tier 1.5” economic hub in inland China, holding itself out as a “liveable” city characterised by ambitious development, enthusiastic local consumption and healthy work-life balance. It is the commercial, communications and transportation centre in southwest China and is at the forefront of the next wave of upcoming innovation centres in China. Chengdu is focusing on six aspects of the new economy (digital, intelligence, green, creative, mobile, and shared). Chengdu was ranked the third-highest performing city, globally, in terms of economic growth in the Brookings Institute “2018 Global Metro Monitor”.

Our In-Market Representative

On the ground in Chengdu you will be supported by a company with lengthy Western China experience. One of the co-founders is a respected authority on doing business in China, has significant government and business relationships in major industries, is a regular speaker to government and industry bodies and has authored two business books on China. The company is well versed in cross-cultural business matters.

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